• H5 NoSIM
  • H5 NoSIM
  • H5 NoSIM
  • H5 NoSIM

    With professional-level underlying architecture and industry-leading configuration, it is stable and reliable, and it can be applied in various scenarios. Equipped with 13 million high-definition cameras to support accurate image acquisition. 32G large storage space, rich in expansion applications. 4G network-wide communication, reliable data transmission. It is the industry all-round pioneer which can handle all kinds of complex working conditions with ease.

    Dual energy battery

    3400mAh intelligent lithium battery, universal host notebook, quad-rechargeable battery pack, follow the streamlined high-polymer design concept, simplify the bag, and bring a strong battery life experience.

    One-click evoke, one-click collection

    Self-setting, simplifying routine operations, evoke key applications with one click, and set up data collection with one click. To obtain fast possibility in the rich expansion applications.

    Extreme visual contact

    Inspired by nature, the waist line is smooth and dynamic, ergonomic design, comfortable and natural grip. The low-power large-scale display screen has a

    wider field of view and enjoys an extraordinary horizon.

    New professional measurement software

    The new Android version of South Engineering Star professional measurement software continues the classic interface design, optimizes various functions and algorithms in all directions, expands road design, and makes the overall use more efficient.



    As an auxiliary terminal for precision data collection, it assists RTK equipment to collect and store observation data, which is used in high-precision measurement operations.


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