Company Profile

BDS High Precision Satellite Positioning Application Solution Provider


South GNSS Navigation Co., Ltd. (hereafter as ‘South GNSS’ or ‘the company’) is a subsidiary of the South Group. It is the first National High-Tech Enterprise in China that penetrates the high-precision GNSS industry to achieve large-scale and market-oriented applications. The company integrates R&D, manufacture, sales and service, providing comprehensive high-precision location solutions in the fields of surveying and mapping geographic information, land surveys, geological monitoring, disaster prevention, gas, electricity, water conservancy, agriculture, transportation, and parks, etc.

The products of South GNSS include RTK measurement system, high-precision handheld GIS acquisition system, BDS Foundation Enhancement System (CORS), marine surveying and mapping measurement equipment and related software and hardware, etc. The annual sales of South RTK exceeds 40,000 units, ranking first in the industry. With the annual of nearly 700 million yuan, South GNSS has consistently ranked the top among the leading enterprises in the Surveying and Mapping industry.

The company now has five centers for R&D, marketing, production, quality, and management, with sales and service outlets all over the country. At present, the company has about 500 employees, adhering to the South corporate culture concept of "Work hard & Live well", providing employees with a comprehensive welfare guarantee and career development platform, and providing high-quality products and VIP services to the market.

Technology Pioneer

Since the independent research and development of the first domestically produced high-precision GPS receiver in China in 1995, South has been leading the industry. In 2004, the "Lingrui" series of high-precision positioning terminals entered the international market, marking the entry of domestic high-precision satellite positioning equipment into the era of high-end integration. In 2007, South undertook the construction of the first domestic foundation reinforcement system (Yichang CORS) to break the import monopoly; in the same year, it took the lead in implementing a safety monitoring system at Daye Iron Mine, opening a precedent for domestic GNSS industry applications.In 2010, South released the world's first handheld dual-frequency RTK, writing a new chapter in high-precision location services. In 2012, independently developing the BDS high-precision board, launching China's first BDS high-precision satellite positioning terminal, and constructing the first BDS foundation enhancement system, South led the GNSS application into the BDS multi-sattellites era. In 2016, South BDS tri-satellite CORS settled in Laos and Nepal, promoting BDS to help the construction of the "The Belt and Road" into a new stage, and making domestic high-precision satellite positioning services more international.

South GNSS has been rated as the Pioneer Enterprise in BDS Industrialization, the Top Ten High-Quality Product Supplier in the satellite application industry in Guangdong Province, the Top Ten Brand in BDS satellite application in Guangdong Province, the Model Corporation in the BDS industry application, and having a Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. For more than 20 years, the company has continued to break through foreign technical barriers, successively breaking through key technical bottlenecks such as high-precision GNSS core algorithms, terminals, applications and industrialization, and the technology has reached international advanced levels. The company have undertaken research on the BDS second-generation major special project "multi-mode multi-frequency high-precision OEM board" twice, and South GNSS have been invited to participate in national and provincial satellite navigation scientific research projects and assumed important responsibilities dozens of times.

Industry Leader

From the deepest open-pit iron mine in Asia to the Three Gorges Dam; from navigation and dredging of the Yangtze River Channel to the undersea tunnel project; from Jinniu Wanda Plaza in Chengdu to the Heavy Industry Terminal in Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone; from South-to-North Water Transfer to Qingdao Horticultural Expo; from the survey of water sources in Nepal to the construction of Jamaica ’s national road network; from the Harbin CORS network to the Xinjiang CORS network; South GNSS high-precision satellite positioning products and solutions are all over the country and in all walks of life. With more than 20 years of intensive development, South has become the world's first business card for understanding the high-precision application of satellite navigation in China.


Corporate Responsibility

Adhering to the excellent concept of South Group, the company takes the responsibility of revitalizing the national surveying and mapping industry as its mission and is committed to leading the continuous development and improvement of BDS and domestic high-precision GNSS applications, and constantly breaking through the application boundaries. From localization to internationalization, from surveying and mapping applications to industry applications. The company provides users with the most advanced high-precision GNSS products and precise location services.


Development Prospect

Based on high-precision GNSS applications and precise location services, South GNSS will promote different industries to improve the operating efficiency of organizations, improve the quality of life of the public, and continue to create maximum value for users. South GNSS will strive to become the number one and the world's leading provider of precision location services and solutions.