• GIStar
  • GIStar

    GIStar (for Android), a completely new professional integrated Android GIS application, adopts GIS technology to collect and manage geographic data. GIStar takes advantage of the Android touch screen capability by allowing you to tap the points and lines in your drawing to open tool bars with all the function you need instantly. It also supports various data format import and export, such as shp file, dxf file, kml file and gpx file, which fully meets the demands of different of users.

    GISTAR series software has the GISTAR program on the handheld, including some supporting software on the PC side.

    Download: GIStar Brochure
    • Dual functions of navigation and collection

    • Equipped with electronic maps, can load custom maps

    • Perfect combination of professional GIS collector and popular GPS, humanized operation

    • Simple and quick calculation function of length, distance and area, MICRO USB interface

    • Customized demand feature database and file format to meet the GIS data required by customers in different industries


    Applicable to various projects for data collection and measurement, ground features management, trajectory record and query, etc., such as construction, land and resources, transportation, electricity and other industries. Installed on high-precision data collection terminal for data collection and data processing to achieve the following functions:

    Data collection:

    Shortcut key collection

    Point, line, surface interspersed acquisition

    Multi-gauge measurement

    Rich graphic indication

    Simultaneous acquisition, on-site mapping

    Accurate measurement of line length area

    Intelligent humanization:

    Auto update

    Remote registration

    Online map

    Data dictionary

    Multi-industry customization

    Automatic report

    Import and export in multiple formats:





    Custom format

    Utility kit:

    Coordinate conversion

    Area calculation

    Parameter determination

    Network test

    Navigation loft