• INNO7
  • INNO7

    The INNO7 RTK is the 4th new generation intelligent interactive RTK of South GNSS, with updated features of Farther distance, Faster positioning, Smarter interaction, Longer endurance, Easier switch and Bigger RAM. INNO7 supports the latest 5G* communication network and realizes 15km limit transmission and reception* with Far-link "Instant Message" protocol, featuring long-lasting battery life and intelligent interaction. Create+Enjoy+Share, brings you an outstanding future.

    *5G non-standard functions can be customized based on actual needs.

    *Data comes from the South Satellite Navigation Product Laboratory, and the specific situation is subject to local actual use.

    Download: INNO7 Brochure
    • Farther: 15 KM radio distance, farther than where you go

    The 15KM ultra-long distance of the radio station is farther than that you have ever used. Equipped with SOUTH innovative and new radio technology, based on the Farlink “Instant Message” protocol, it increases the sensitivity of the radio signal reception and transmission efficiency, and realizes the built-in radio station to work at a longer distance.

    • Faster: 5G network + Multi-engine tilt attitude, fast positioning

    Support 5G network, high speed, low latency, enjoy ultra-fast transmission speed, more convenient for collaborative operation.

    Built-in IMU inertial measurement unit and self-made core algorithm to avoid centering centimeter-level measurement within 60 °. More stable and more reliable to avoid flying point troubles.

    • Easier: Intelligent interpersonal interaction, smooth communication

    Intelligent voice + HD 1.54 inch color touch screen to create a multi-dimensional perception intelligent interpersonal interaction mode, which can be voice interaction and combined with high-definition screen to make you see more convenient and easier to use.

    • Longer: Intelligent temperature control, endurance capacity increased by 30%

    With built-in intelligent temperature control, in the base station radio mode, the endurance capacity is increased by 30%, which is more durable than what you have used.

    • More complete: Software sharing, switch easily

    Convergence of the six ecological software of SOUTH, the software is interconnected and easily switched between each other, and you can explore the industry without changing machines.

    • Bigger: 64G RAM + 3 years free data service

    64G large storage space, built-in eSIM chip, real-time online; you can go online when the machine is turned on. We also provide 3 years of free data service to make your work more worry-free.

    • Pipeline information collection 

    • Petroleum exploration and acquisition

    • Integrated geophysical surveying

    • Power line lofting

    • Road/ Bridge surveying

    • Engineering mapping