• N80 Industrial Rugged Tablet
  • N80 Industrial Rugged Tablet
  • N80 Industrial Rugged Tablet

    N80 tablet series are the industrial rugged GNSS collection terminal integrated with high precision GNSS motherboard, highly sensitive antenna, 4G network modem, WIFI and dual mode Bluetooth modem, serve as leading the portable high precision tablet in the field of large-size screen mapping.

    Precise positioning

    Built-in high precision GNSS motherboard and high sensitive antenna, using the algorithm of single frequency of RTK, and combined with differential positioning technology, its positioning accuracy is able to be improved to centimeter level.


    Android 6.0, up to Android 8.1 Octa-core 2.0GHz CPU

    6GB RAM

    128GB ROM

    Extended functions 

    Supports NFC, customize bar code and infrared scanning

    High-speed transmission

    Adopts the most popular and advanced USB-TypeC interface, ensuring the availability and efficiency of data transmission.

    4G network

    TD-LTE/FDD-LTE 4G network communication modem ensures unobstructed data interaction

    HD camera

    5 megapixel front camera and 13 megapixel HD AF rear camera, supports flashlight

    Large size display

    Adopts 8 inch HD screen with 1280*800 resolution, ensures your sight clearly focused on each point.

    Ultra-long life battery

    The removable Li-ion battery with 8200mAh capacity can bear over 10 hours continuous work.

    • Land & Agriculture: Land usage change survey, Illegal land use monitoring, Geographic monitoring, Land approval survey

    • Electricity industry: GIS data collection, Wire line safety inspection, Electrical equipment maintenance, Pylon position site survey and design

    • Fuel gas industry: Gas pipe network data collection, Pipe network safety inspection, Key equipment positioning

    • Transportation field: Intelligent Transportation System establishment, Intelligent Transportation travel guidance



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