• SBOX S660N
  • SBOX S660N
  • SBOX S660N
  • SBOX S660N

    In the age of multiple GNSS constellation, SouthGNSS keeps developing and optimizing the innovative products for customers. SOUTH S660N Network RTK Receiver adopts intelligent cloud platform as its new engine, leading the development of smart network RTK system.

    Full satellite constellations support

    Equipped with the most advanced GNSS motherboard, 692 channels and unmatched GNSS multi-constellation tracking performance, SOUTH S660N is able to track most signals from all kinds of running satellite constellations. And this compact device owns the ability of enabling or disabling constellation tracking .

    Inner optimized structure

    Enhancement of anti-interference performance and optimization of capture time and first positioning time.

    Intelligent storage ability

    SOUTH S660N is equipped with 8GB Solid State Disk that ensures adequate storage space for data collection, as well as the stability of high data sampling rate.

    L-Band & PPP

    With the high-performance of GNSS motherboard, S660N supports L-Band signal tracking and PPP (Precise Point Positioning) function.

    Upgraded processing algorithm

    The core RTK algorithm upgrades. Integrating the adaptive calculation and single point smoothly positioning ability, it can realize the continuous and reliable positioning in bad conditions such as under the trees, around building and etc.

    Static performance

    Base on the intelligent platform, S660N supports STH, Rinex2.x and Rinex3.x format data storage.

    Relying on the advanced GNSS motherboard, S660N can support 20Hz static sampling rate after upgrading.

    S660N can be widely used in the fields of engineering measurement, GIS data collection, forestry and agricultural land management, etc. Such a high-precision device is sure to meet the needs of various users.


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