• X1 GIS Data Acquisition System
  • X1 GIS Data Acquisition System
  • X1 GIS Data Acquisition System
  • X1 GIS Data Acquisition System

    X1 is an intelligent mobile terminal independently developed by SouthGNSS, supports GPS, GLONASS and BD positioning. Using Android 8.1 operation system, equipped with 6-inch wear-resistant drop-resistant screen, 4G full Netcom and other high-end configurations, and also supporting various RFID, power infrared and other expansion to meet different needs.


    Automatical Update 

    Remote Register

    Online Map

    User-defined Data Format

    User-Customed Function

    Data Collection Function

    Point, Line and Surface Data Collection

    Multiple Topographic Marking

    Connection with TS

    QR-Code Generation from Collected Data

    Output Format






    Cloud Platform

    Log-in Service Platform

    Data Back-up

    Data Sharing

    Trajectory Upload In Real Time



    X1 intelligent mobile terminal is mainly used for data collection, power line safety inspection, agricultural and forestry resources survey, forestry ownership reform, land change survey, geographical and national conditions monitoring and various other industries.


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