• X6 Dual-frequency Handheld Receiver
  • X6 Dual-frequency Handheld Receiver
  • X6 Dual-frequency Handheld Receiver

    X6 is a dual-frequency handheld receiver integrated with high-precision GNSS motherboard, professional high-sensitivity satellite antenna, LCD, 4G full Netcom module, WIFI mode control and data transmission, universal two-way communication Bluetooth, and high-frequency power board. The machine has high positioning accuracy and can be seamless connected with various platforms, which can meet the needs of different industries such as surveying and mapping, GIS and so on.

    • HD large 5-inch touch screen which fulfills the Android users' needs

    • Supports multiple languages

    • 8-Core 1.5 GHz processor

    • Micro-USB port and OTG function

    • Equipped with laser alignment component

    • Multiple sensors and

    • extended applications

    • Software:

    • image.pngimage.pngimage.png

    X6 Dual-frequency Handheld Receiver is applied for power data collection, flash flood disaster relief, power line safety inspections, agricultural and forestry resource surveys, forestry tenure reform, land change surveys, and geographical and national condition monitoring


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