• Sound Velocity Probe
  • Sound Velocity Probe
  • Sound Velocity Probe
  • Sound Velocity Probe

    SV30 is the latest lightweight, portable and high-performance sound velocity probe developed by South. It uses ultrasonic echo detection technology of 2MHz sensor to directly measure the speed of sound and combines the advanced digital signal processing technology to improve the measurement accuracy to 0.03m/s. Its stable performance, simple operation and easy to carry make it a very cost-effective product.

    • Easy-to-clean, streamlined and flexible integrated structural design;

    • Advanced digital signal process technology;

    • High-precision measurement of sound speed and temperature;

    • Compact 316L stainless steel housing  for corrosion and pressure resistant;

    • Intuitive and easy operation;

    • Visualization software;

    • Strong compatibility, supports multiple output formats.

    Applied in military and civil fields such as marine survey, underwater engineering, underwater mapping, underwater navigation and positioning, and hydrological survey.

    • Sound speed measurement in water 

    • Sound velocity correction for single beam sounder 

    • Real-time sound velocity correction for multibeam sounder 

    • Real-time sound velocity correction for detection sonar 

    • Real-time sound velocity correction for towed sonar array


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