• Multifunctional Data Link
  • Multifunctional Data Link
  • Multifunctional Data Link

    MDL Multifunctional Data Link is an integrated transceiver station with embedded Linux operating system , built-in WEB operation pages, full functions and compact structure. The transmission distance can be up to 6 km. It supports WIFI, 4G full Netcom, and it has various functions such as external radio, radio repeater, network repeater, base station differential source, and mobile station differential source.

    Multiple radio protocols

    It can be used as a plug-in radio and has the functions of radio repeater, network repeater, serial port server and so on. It can realize the regional sharing of network differential data and reduce the use cost.

    Low power consumption and long distance

    It uses independently researched and developed radio module, and the working distance is consist with that of Galaxy 6 and up to 6 km.

    Small and flexible 

    It only weights 485g and has built-in integrated transceiver radio

    Wide voltage 

    The working voltage 9-36V, and it supports reverse connection protection. The transmit power will be reduces when the voltage is lower than 9V.

    Multiple interfaces and easy management

    It has 3 RS232 serial ports and built-in webpages, and it can be configured in mobile and computer.

    • Surveying & Mapping Hydrology

    • Marine monitoring

    • System integration

    • Automated industry

    • Grid monitoring



    Network parametersNetwork formatMobile 4G (TDD-LTE) / Unicom 4G (FDD-LTE) / Telecom (FDD-LTE)
    China Mobile 3G (TD-SCDMA) / China Unicom 3G (WCDMA), China Mobile 2G / China Unicom 2G (EDGE / GPRS / GSM)
    GPS parametersSignalGPS: L1C/A, GLONASS: :L10F, BDS: B1
    AccuracySingle-point positioning accuracy: 2.0 m CEP
    Operating modeSerial ServerSerial data is transmitted and received in the form of WIFI, mobile station, Ethernet, radio, etc.
    Mobile station differential sourceReceive differential data such as radio and mobile network and output to serial port 1
    Base station differential sourceThe differential data of serial port 1 is transmitted in the form of radio, mobile network, etc.
    User InterfaceDisplayHD 0.96 inch OLED screen, resolution 128 × 64
    Button2 Buttons: power Button, FN Button
    Indicator light2 indicator lights: 1 data light, 1 power light
    Operating system / user interactionOperating systemLinux
    ButtonTwo-button visual operation
    LCD screenHD 0.96 inch OLED screen, resolution 128 × 64
    Indicator light2 indicator lights
    Web interactionBuilt-in Web management interface, support WIFI and USB mode access, monitoring, and configuration host
    HardwareSize162.5 (length) * 90 (width) * 30 (height) mm
    TemperatureOperating temperature: -20-60℃; storage temperature: -30-70℃
    HumidityResist 80% condensation
    Protection classIP67
    ShockproofResistance to 1.5 meters drop
    ElectricPower supply9-36V, reverse connection protection
    BatteryNo built-in battery
    CommunicationI / O port5-pin LEMO external power interface + RS232; 7-pin LEMO external USB + 2 RS232; 7-pin network port
    Radio modemBuilt-in 3W adjustable integrated transceiver radio, working frequency 410-470MHz; communication protocol: TrimTalk, SOUTH, Huace, Socall
    Cellular networkIntelligent PPP dial-up technology based on Linux platform, automatic real-time up, continuous online during work, equipped with 4G full Netcom high-speed network communication module, compatible with various CORS system access
    WIFI802.11 b / g standard, with WIFI hotspot function. Any smart terminal can access. The receiver functions can be richly customized, and data can be broadcast and received through WIFI
    MaterialAluminum alloy

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