• USV - SU12
  • USV - SU12

    SU12 autonomous boat is mainly used in rivers, lakes and reservoirs. It can realize manual remote control, automatic navigation (optional function), which can be equipped with ADCP, echosounder and other instruments to achieve multiple modes of measurement operations. The cross-section measurement is accurate, with the hovering function at the starting point. And it can avoid personnel safety hazards to the greatest extent and improve work efficiency.


    • Small size and light weight

    • To bottom pool

    • Easy to carry and transport

    • Remote operation

    • Instrument installation does not need to be waterproof

    • Autonomous navigation

    • One person can do all the work

    • Quick and easy installation

    • Automatic measurement of section and line

    • Network bridge, 4G network communication (optional) for data transmission



    SU12 boat is mainly applied to the basin of rivers, lakes and reservoirs where there is quiet waves. It can sail to about 2km away from control center with manual remote control, or it is set to return automatically while it reach to the boundary of specified working area.



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