• SDE-18S Potable Echosounder
  • SDE-18S Potable Echosounder

    SDE-18S Integration design, transducer with echo survey board inside.

    • High accuracy marine survey transducer

    • Stainless steel case, rugged and durable

    • Automatic adjustment for different under water condition

    Water measurement – coastland, fairway, lake or reservoir.

    Frequency: 200K Hz
    Beam Angle:

    Depth Range: 

    0.4 - 100m

    Accuracy:±0.01m ± 0.1%D (D takes the instant depth)
    Depth Resolution:0.01m
    Input Voltage: DC 9V-18V
    Output Data: User-defined via RS-232
    -30° - 60°C
    Weight: 2KG
    Water Pressure: ≤50m

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