• HY1601 PC Digital Echosounder
  • HY1601 PC Digital Echosounder

    HY1601 PC Digital Echosounder combines computer technology with sounding instrument measurement technology. The whole system is all based on Windows XP. It uses sounding software for monitoring and automatic controlling, intelligent dynamic signal detection, identification and tracking  in real time to ensure the high precision and reliability of the sounding system. Sounding data and images can be displayed, stored, played back and printed in real time, the internal data of the system can also be transmitted to the measurement software and can be connected to the console to achieve dual functions of sounding and navigation.

    • Compatible with all types of acquisition and post-processing software;

    • TVG and AVG dynamic adjustment, reinforced anti-jamming ability;

    • Low noise reception, space and time filter adjustment, locked tracking;

    • Multi-ports communications for GPS, motion sensors, etc.;

    • High speed USB interface, huge storage capacity;

    • High brightness LCD screen and ultra-wide angle of view;

    • The case imported from Germany is novel in design, beautiful and light, easy to carry and place;

    • Echogram output for real time display, storage, playback and printing.

    Applicable to water depth survey projects under various complicated water conditions such as rivers, ports and coastal zones.

    Beam angle:≤8° 
    Depth range:0.3m-300m
    Output power:200W
    Power supply:24VDC or 220VAC 
    Interface:2 × RS232, 4 × USB 2.0, 1 × VGA, 1 × LAN 
    Power consumption: 100W
    Recording:Large capacity storage disk 
    Dimension:400 mm × 130 mm × 310 mm (Main unit), 10 m (Cable length of transducer, adjustable), 3 × 0.7 m (Supporting tube)
    Weight:12kg (Main unit), 1.5kg (Transducer), 5kg (Supporting tube) 

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