• HY1602 PC Dual Frequency Echosounder
  • HY1602 PC Dual Frequency Echosounder

    HY1602 digital sounding system has a built-in embedded industrial control system and a real-time thermal printing platform, which realizes the perfect combination of sounding instrument and computer platform, and highly embodies the digital intelligence of sounding instrument operation and control. Ensuring the high-level accuracy and reliability of the sounding system.

    • 24kHz/208 kHz dual frequency, double channels;

    • Compatible with all types of acquisition and post-processing software;

    • TVG and AVG dynamic adjustment, reinforced anti- jamming ability;

    • Low noise reception, space and time filter adjustment, locked tracking;

    • Multi-ports communications for GPS, motion sensors, etc.;

    • High speed USB interface, huge storage capacity;

    • High brightness LCD screen and ultra-wide angle of view;

    • The case imported from Germany is novel in design, beautiful and light, easy to carry and place;

    • Echogram output for real time display, storage, playback and printing.

    Applicable to water depth survey projects under various complicated water conditions such as rivers, ports and coastal zones


    High frequency: 208 KHz

    Low frequency: 24KHz


    0.01m + 0.1% depth (208 KHz)

    0.1m ± 0.1% depth (24kHz)

    Depth range:

    0.5-300m (208kHz)

    1-2000m (24kHz)

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