• HY1603 Integrated Echosounder
  • HY1603 Integrated Echosounder

    The new HY1603 is a portable intelligent echo sounding system adopting all-in-one structure. The system integrates computer, digital signal processing and graphic imaging technology to realize the perfect combination of echo sounder and computer platform. One case in hand, you can survey anywhere anytime. 

    • Compact and lightweight: All-in-one integrated system, combined echo sounder with computer in one 13kg, IP67 rated suitcase. 

    • Concise appearance:17” large LCD screen with ultra-high pixel design. 

    • Dual power supply:rechargeable lithium battery and external power supply, easy for field operation. 

    • High accuracy and reliability:real-time monitoring of the whole survey, time synchronization of GPS and depth data with high accuracy. 

    • Innovative and intelligent design: intelligent control of dynamic adjustment, self-adaptive control of seabed echo signal searching, recognition and locked tracking. 

    • Simple and easy-to-use software: intelligent survey software and navigation post-processing software, compatible with any GPS, attitude sensor, heave sensor for a complete data solution.

    HY1603 can be easily deployed on small survey vessels and opportunistic platforms, widely used for bathymetric surveys in rivers, ports, coastal areas or other complex conditions.


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