• ADCP RIV Series
  • ADCP RIV Series
  • ADCP RIV Series

    The RIV series ADCPs (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) are designed and introduced jointly by the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and CSSC Haiying Marine Company for providing an accurate acoustic current profiling solution. Composed of the ADCP sonar, communication cables and IOARiver current measurement  software, the RIV series are ideally used for collecting highly accurate velocities even in harsh environments. Gyro, GPS, radio station and other  external devices are optional combined with RIV series to be installed on survey vessels and triple-hulled vessels for moving measurements.


    • First-class acoustic technology and guaranteed quality of military industry; 

    • High velocity accuracy meeting SL337-2006 and GJB1032  standards; 

    • Easy maintenance with robust and reliable internal framework; 

    • Capability of uploading the measurement results to the specifified Web server; 

    • Has been applied and proved by a range of hydraulic institutions of China’s Ministry of Water Resources; 

    • Purely indigenous advantage and more competitive price compared with equivalent ADCPs on the market; 

    • Perfect service supported by experienced technicians,  offering whatever you need during the measurement within  the shortest time.

    • In the field of national defense construction: collecting current data for maritime operations, submarine activities, anti-submarine alert, or shipbuilding and marine warfare.

    • In marine environmental protection and scientific research: explore the characteristics of marine hydrological phenomena and study their changing laws. Clarify the causes of these phenomena and their changes, and provide information for navigation safety assurance, marine resource development, marine engineering construction, marine environmental protection and scientific research.

    • In the national economy: mainly includes applications in marine transportation, fishery production, marine development and utilization, and environmental protection.


    Fixed-point current measurement ADCP:


    Polar application: