• Smart Gaging GPS
  • Smart Gaging GPS
  • Smart Gaging GPS
  • Smart Gaging GPS

    The Smart Gaging is an intelligent flow meter that measures with the Doppler value obtained from Carrier phase Differential GPS. The system consists of a high-strength floating ball, a built-in high-precision GPS module and an integrated software system. It can accurately measure the surface velocity and flow direction by drifting in water.

    • Reliable DGPS differential technology and wireless network technology, allowing for sub-meter level tracking accuracy  and accurate flow velocity and direction with no artificial and objective error accumulation;

    • Simultaneous measurement, storage and real-time communication, ensuring safe and complete data storage;

    • Strong environmental adaptability, not affected by low-visibility,heavy weather,restricted voyage, etc;

    • Safe, easy and flexible to deploy and operate without any restrictions of carrier platforms such as trimaran,  unmanned surface vehicle, unmanned aircraft, survey boat, etc. The float is not necessary to keep in sight, improving manpower safety;

    • The powerful software can monitor and collect various data in real time, reducing labor force and improving efficiency;

    • Cost-effective integrated system with lower cost compared with other traditional system ranging from tens of  thousands to hundreds of thousands;

    • Easy maintenance, only float replacement is required.


    Mainly for measuring the surface velocity, flow direction and other elements through the high-precision GPS module built-in.


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