• S8 mini Monitoring Receiver
  • S8 mini Monitoring Receiver
  • S8 mini Monitoring Receiver

    NET S8-mini is an integrated navigation vehicle positioning terminal with submeter,centimeter level for automotive and high-end navigation applications. This product uses Beidou high-precision differential positioning technology and inertial navigation technology, combined with wireless network communication technology, to achieve real-time CORS differential data reception and data return. Additionally, it has built-in Bluetooth / WIFI communication module and RS232 interface, CAN interface, which supports for external sensors and of high scalability. Adopting GNSS + INS combined integrated navigation mode, this product has the characteristics of high sensitivity, anti-interference and high performance, which is especially suitable for urban commercial areas, jungles, elevated roads, tunnels and underground parking lots, etc., to provide sustainable high precision positioning services.

    • Support BDS, GPS, GLONASS three systems, which can perform sub-meter and centimeter-level positioning services.

    • Real-time monitoring: Combined with South Beidou high-precision location service platform software, real-time monitoring of mobile carriers can be performed.

    • Sustainable positioning: Fusion inertial navigation technology, 100% continuous positioning can be maintained without satellite signals.

    • Functional scalability: RS232 interface, support for external sensors.

    • Data format can be customized: support standard communication protocol NMEA0183, can support Jt808 (submeter-level) and custom data transmission protocols.

    • Airport Vehicle Dispatch

    • Port Vehicle Dispatch

    • Sanitation vehicle dispatch

    • Logistics Vehicle Management

    • Intelligent Traffic Management

    • City Emergency Rescue


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