• S10 Monitoring Receiver
  • S10 Monitoring Receiver
  • S10 Monitoring Receiver

    NET S10 is a multi-satellite system base station receiver with a new design and safety performance that meets the requirements of national authoritative tests. It has built-in full Netcom mobile network, WIFI, radio, Bluetooth, Ethernet module, with full-featured remote configuration function, massive storage chip and large capacity battery with long battery life. Multi-integrated interfaces support applications in various industries and lead Beidou ground based augmentation system technology.

    • 440-channel CORS receiver, supports four-system full-frequency point signals.

    • The Cortex-A5 processor is the smallest and most energy-efficient application processor, with strong performance and fast computing speed. Built-in Linux operating system, stable and reliable.

    • Using the SM2 and SM4 encryption algorithms issued by the National Cryptographic Administration, the data is encrypted from collection and storage to the transmission layer. Third-party encryption TF card integration is supported.

    • Three levels of management for super administrators, auditors, and administrators. Each role is responsible for different permissions and functions to protect the security of the host.

    • Mass storage of audit logs, 10,000 logs are stored circularly. The logs show the operation content, time and results of each role, which is easy to manage. And there are alarm reminders for wrong operation.

    • The newly designed aluminum alloy mold has an industrial grade of IP68, which can meet various complicated working environments.

    • The display design of each function indicator on the front panel flexibly implements the display and setting of the function of a PC-free field receiver.

    • With 3G  4G network module, radio module, WIFI hotspot, and Bluetooth wireless connection, the receiver can be configured using a mobile terminal, which greatly improves the user's operating experience and convenience.

    • Supports STH, RINEX2.x, RINEX3.x, and BINEX records in multiple file data formats.

    • Built-in 13000mAh battery can be used as main power supply or uninterrupted UPS power supply, providing more than 15 hours of battery life.

    • Built-in high-speed mass memory, using eMMC storage, it is stable and reliable and with automatic circular storage. External storage media can be externally connected through the USB Host interface, up to 1TB.

    • 10MHz external frequency standard input, 1 PPS output, 1 event input, weather / tilt sensor input.

    The NET S10 mainframe plays a huge role in the field of deformation monitoring in various industries such as geological hazard monitoring, power pole tower monitoring, tailings pond monitoring, bridge monitoring, reservoir dam monitoring, highway and railway slope, and other industries.


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