• Choke Ring Antenna CR3 G3
  • Choke Ring Antenna CR3 G3
  • Choke Ring Antenna CR3 G3

    The SouthGNSS choke ring antenna has an accuracy of sub-millimeters, which can effectively suppress the effects of multi-path effects, be combined with an uncompromising stable phase center (less than 0.8MM) and can suppress radio frequency interference. The antenna is built on the basis of the earth surveying research standard. It adopts aluminum choke coil and a Dome # Margolin dipole element, which has low noise, low consumption and the function of synchronous frequency selection.

    • The South CR-3 UHG provides a stable phase center offsets at sub-millimeter level to guarantee your reference station an excellent tracking performance.

    • 3D choke rings design inside the antenna helps achieve an outstanding multipath rejection performance.

    • High-gain design for low elevation tracking enhances signal availability for more satellites.

    • Ultralow line loss on signal transmissions enables connecting cable extend more than 100 meters carrying undamaged signals.

    • Fully sealed core components, waterproof and dustproof design make it withstand severe conditions for continuous work in the field

    Can be used in various monitoring projects and construction of CORS system:


    Operation frequency:1227MHZ±10MHZ、1575MHZ±10MHZ


    Standing-wave ratio:≤1.5:1


    Noise:≤1.5 dB

    Polarization:Right hand circular polarization (RHCP)

    Working voltage:3~12VDC,Working current:≤40mA



    Operation temperature:-45℃~+65℃,Storage temperature:-55℃~+85℃

    Size:Diameter: 38cm,Height: 10cm,Bottom diameter: 12cm,Bottom height: 3.5cm

    Antenna height:L1=11.01cm,L2=12.94cm

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