• SMOS Monitoring System
  • SMOS Monitoring System
  • SMOS Monitoring System

    SMOS (South Monitoring System) is a set of high-precision monitoring software platform independently developed by SOUTH, with complete independent intellectual property rights. SMOS integrates Beidou multi-satellite monitoring technology, measurement robot application technology, multiple sensor receiving and settlement technologies. 


    • With completely independent intellectual property rights, the technology is advanced, mature and stable after being applied in more than 100 monitoring projects;

    • SMOS integrates a variety of technologies to achieve all-weather automatic mm-level high-precision monitoring, with a wide range of applications;

    • Based on the Beidou multi-satellite monitoring and solving technology, the dual-mode timing monitoring and real-time dynamic monitoring are realized, which is unique in China;

    • Various advanced international early-warning methods, such as on-site early warning, Beidou short message early warning, reliable and timely monitoring information broadcast ;

    • The client adopts B / S design, so that managers can log in to the monitoring platform for management wherever they can access the Internet:

    • The web map displays the monitoring point information, so that the customer can understand the monitoring overview in one glance;

    • Browsing and editing of station information;

    • Viewing the real-time monitoring data curve of the measuring point;

    • Real-time display of early-warning information allows customers to understand and monitor abnormal situations in real time.

    It is widely used in the safety and structural health monitoring of reservoir dams, bridges and tunnels, as well as skyscrapers and other monitoring works.