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    South Intelligent Location Service Platform (hereinafter referred to as "this product") is a platform that combines a satellite positioning system with GIS and integrates a variety of positioning technologies and data processing technologies. This product can provide users with location information, as well as various location-related business data and services. The location services provided include but are not limited to electronic geo-fencing, track playback, security warning (location monitoring), work order system (mobile inspection), data collection, etc.

    Product composition: It is roughly divided into two parts, one is the PC application platform, and the other is the mobile App application. Here are the screenshots of PC(left) and APP(right):



    Supports high-precision positioning devices such as Compass and RTK;

    Supports connection to CORS network to solve the limitation of RTK operating distance;

    Real time monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of location information, combined with geo-fencing to grasp global security status; online and offline alarm status in one glance;

    Uses high speed cache, load balancing and other technologies to provide strong support for the access of massive terminals;

    Trajectory correction

    Supports the storage of massive data which fulfills play back the historical track of any time period;

    Track rectification and abnormal data deletion to make the track be more reasonable;

    Work Order System

    The platform sends orders to the mobile terminal, and the mobile terminal performs data collection, track inspection and other fields;

    The dispatch method is flexible, supporting automatic timing dispatch and manual dispatch;

    Data collection

    The mobile terminal collects point, polyline and polygon data and records data attributes in the field; supports automatic collection and manual collection;

    The platform side conducts correction and other internal processing.

    Application industry: It can be applied to industries and scenarios including safety supervision, transportation, environmental protection, smart city, land, operation safety, mobile inspection, etc. that related to location data.

    24 Cores
    Hard disk500GB 
    Operating systemLinux/Windows server 2008 R2 and above
    JDKv 1.8.0_190

    This information is for reference only, in order to continuously improve product performance, all pictures and performance parameters on this website are subject to change without notice, please understand! The company reserves the final interpretation of all technical parameters and pictures.