• NDCS System
  • NDCS System
  • NDCS System

    In order to improve the management efficiency and management level of engineering construction, the new NDCS Digital Construction System launched by SouthGNSS integrates functions such as data reception, big data statistical analysis, and real-time display, so that construction management personnel can quickly control the quality and progress of construction on site. And it can also deal with various problems in time according to the early warning information and carry out high-quality construction management.

    System functions:

    • Project management:

      Project status statistics, construction progress charts and location maps, labor statistics, etc .;

    • Task management:

      The release and withdrawal of tasks, follow up the completion progress;

    • User Management:

      Administrator's authority management and setting of daily construction users;

    • Equipment management:

      Equipment real-time monitoring, usage, failure analysis, etc.


    System advantages:

    • Remote project management

      Mobile APP, PC terminal flexible application, remotely view and manage the progress of multiple construction projects, providing convenient and real-time construction monitoring services.

    • Visual data display

      Graphical display of construction progress, historical construction data, accuracy and other information, supporting one-click export of standardized reports.

    • Humanized operating system

      Easy operation and fast learning in 30 minutes.

    • Intelligent to improve efficiency

      Application of intelligent IoT equipment to improve efficiency, shortening construction period and greatly reducing construction cost.