• Navi Station
  • Navi Station
  • Navi Station

    Featuring Android O.S, Navi Station provides an intelligent solution that integrates GNSS receiver on Total Station. Simply setup and determine the position of occupied point by GNSS receiver to centimeter accuracy, among the range of 40 km from a reference station. Navi Station allows you to work quickly and effectively right from the beginning.

    Dual Laser EDM

    §  2000m Non-prism

    §  Stronger return signal due to its dual laser technology


    Stable Measurement

    §  Accuracy: 2+2ppm

    §  Extremely fast (0.3s) speed under fine mode


    USB OTG, TF Card & Bluetooth

    §  Flexible transfer of data via PC or PDA

    WLAN & 4G Module

    §  Quick access to Internet


    5.0 Inch Color & Touch Screen

    §  Built-in high resolution display

    Numerical Keypad

    §  Faster and easier input of data


    Intelligent O.S

    §  Android 6.0 O.S

    §  User friendliness

    §  Free SDK package for developer


    All Constellations

    §  Enable the satellite tracking from BDS, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo with 574 channels

    §  Horizontal: 10+1ppm; Vertical: 20+1ppm

    • Topographic Measurement

    • Stake Out in Construction Site




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