• In- and Outdoor Integrated Positioning
  • In- and Outdoor Integrated Positioning

    With the popularization of positioning technology, its applications are no longer limited to pure outdoor scenarios; more and more positioning needs are generated in indoor and mixed environments. In the open air, navigation satellites already have mature high-precision positioning applications; In indoor environments where it is difficult to receive satellite signals, tags can be located with WIFI, Bluetooth and other signals, where the UWB technology using extremely narrow pulses of electromagnetic waves has the advantages of high precision, low delay, and large system capacity. 

    Based on the accumulation in the high-precision positioning terminal industry, and fully utilizing its R & D experience of location service system platforms, SouthGNSS launches an in- and outdoor integrated location service system, and provides integrated solutions for enterprises from various industries.

    Outdoor GNSS positioning terminal, indoor positioning base station, indoor positioning label, platform software:


    • Integrated in- and outdoor positioning: In addition to the in- and outdoor integrated positioning application, it is also suitable for the positioning of people / things in pure indoor scenes, as well as in pure outdoor scenes.

    • Fused in- and outdoor map: The system integrates outdoor online maps and indoor maps to provide base map support for in- and outdoor integrated positioning.

    • Flexible customization: Functional system applications can be flexibly customized according to the specific application scenario requirements to fully meet different business needs of various industries.


    The in- and outdoor integrated location service system is a location service platform system that combines satellite positioning system, indoor positioning system, and mobile communication network, and uses a variety of positioning technologies, data processing technologies, and GIS. The system connects high-precision peripheral positioning equipment, combined with data collection management, statistical analysis, geographic fences, etc., to provide users with location monitoring, electronic fence, track query and playback, security warning, surveillance video integration, vital signs detection, statistical analysis and other location services.

    Application scenario:

    • Industrial park: position monitoring, electronic attendance, surveillance video integration, vital sign detection, historical trajectory, electronic fence, visitor management, etc. 

    • Tunnels and subways: construction personnel / material position monitoring, electronic attendance, emergency rescue, vital signs detection; subway station staff positioning supervision, emergency incident dispatching, etc.

    • Power plant: position monitoring, inspection and work records, surveillance video integration, electronic fences, safety warning, visitor management, etc.

    • Petrochemical plant: position monitoring, electronic attendance records, inspection management, surveillance video integration, historical trajectory, visitor management, electronic fence, security warning;

    • Warehousing and logistics: position monitoring, electronic attendance records, early warning of collision between people and vehicles, surveillance video integration, material inventory, electronic fence, etc.

    • Nursing home: position monitoring, vital signs detection, surveillance video integration, electronic fence, historical trajectory, etc.

    • Three-level hospitals: position monitoring, tool and appliance management, vital signs detection, surveillance video integration, historical trajectory, etc.

    • Judicial prison: position monitoring, surveillance video integration, security warning, electronic fence, security warning, etc.


    (1) Forklift positioning system of coal preparation plant

    (2) Special material management system

    (3) Warehouse logistics management system

    (4) Judicial prison management system

    (5) Power plant safety protection system