• Underground Pipeline Inspection
  • Underground Pipeline Inspection

    The distribution of pipeline networks has complex spatial and non-spatial attributes. There are voluminous drawings and equipment documents, where traditional methods can no longer meet the needs of pipeline network management. Therefore, it is inevitable to apply information technology in all steps of production, operation, security, service and other aspects. The essence of pipeline network informatization is to collect business data, pipeline network data, user data and other big data in geographic information scope based on precise location. Through data identification and analysis, real-time digital management can be conducted for pipeline network equipment, personnel, operations, users and processes. In addition, not until the positioning accuracy error is constrained below cm-level, can pipeline status data be accurately assigned to high-risk points, reaching refined and precision pipeline management.

    High-precision GNSS positioning terminal, pipeline detector, platform software:


    • Accurate location: Provide accurate location parameters for informatized pipeline operation;

    • Refined management: Greatly strengthen the fineness of pipeline network management and realize flattened real-time pipe network data;

    • Improve management level: build an accurate and efficient basic technique environment for informatized pipeline network, bring huge social benefits of safety, efficiency and stability to pipeline networks, and substantially improve the level of urban pipeline network information management;

    • Provide reliable basis and services for integrated pipeline operation, improve the management level of the enterprise, so as to realize the intelligent operation and scientific management of urban underground pipelines, shaping good enterprise images and improving economic and social benefits of the pipeline enterprise.



    All kinds of underground pipeline inspection and maintenance management, including all kinds of underground water supply, drainage, gas, thermal, industrial and other pipelines, power, telecommunications cables and comprehensive pipeline trench (corridor), etc. It is suitable for leakage detection, pipeline anticorrosion, pipeline construction, pipeline inspection, pipeline emergency repair and other operation aspects.

    Application scenario:

    - Integrated pipeline corridor: video surveillance, intrusion detection, emergency repair, environmental monitoring, work order distribution, attendance management

    - Drainage pipeline network: liquid level monitoring, water quality monitoring, flow monitoring

    - Gas pipeline network: leakage detection, anti-corrosion detection, pressure regulation equipment detection

    - Power pipeline network: leakage detection, underground detection, anti-corrosion detection

    - Pipeline network construction: process management, data management, material management, construction supervision, map display, report output