• Slope Monitoring
  • Slope Monitoring
  • Slope Monitoring

    The structure and the stress state of the slope is affected by factors including river scouring, groundwater activity, rainwater soaking, earthquake and artificial slope cutting, etc. When the overturning force loses balance, geological disasters such as displacement, deformation, sliding and collapse will occur, causing heavy losses to industrial and agricultural production and people's lives and property.


    • The high-precision positioning receiver combines automatic data acquisition with various sensors to realize the all-weather digital display of the slope status. At the same time, it combines data processing and deformation analysis technology to realize the three-dimensional monitoring of points, polylines and polygons.

    • Real-time transmission of monitoring data and intelligent analysis, to keep abreast of the evolutionary trend of slope deformation, and to timely detect and warn of abnormalities in the early stage of the slope to avoid the loss of human and material resources.

    • The long-term stability evaluation and prediction of the state of the slope will provide technical support for the construction of smart highways.

    1.     Dynamic Slope Monitoring Service Project of Dazhun Railway

    Dazhun Railway Line was a key construction project in the early years of China. The main line has a total length of 264 kilometers. Most of the lines are in hills and mountains, with steep terrain. Floods, sandstorms, rockfalls, collapses, landslides, soil erosion and other disastrous natural phenomena often occur along the Dazhun railway.


    In order to ensure the safety of railway transportation and effectively guide the long-term comprehensive treatment of railways in the future, based on the field slope roadbeds, the system select the disease points that need to be monitored and use Beidou high-precision satellite positioning technology, continuous sensor monitoring technology, InSAR technology to finish the comprehensive construction of Beidou-based high-precision railway key slope dynamic monitoring. Real-time continuous uninterrupted observation of disease conditions and trends from point to surface, from shallow to deep, also the early warning of abnormal slope stability will be realized and all the data will be posted to relevant railway managers through the network.


    2.     Fuzhou Wulongjiang Bridge Health and Safety Monitoring System

     - Integrated structure monitoring, system identification and structure evaluation

    The Wulong River Bridge is located at the narrows of the lower reaches of the Wulong River in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It is a long-span prestressed concrete T-shaped rigid frame bridge built in China.


    This system uses various advanced instruments and equipment to monitor the responses of the bridge under various external effects (including traffic loads, environmental loads, etc.), and then processes the monitoring information and transmits it to the control center.