• Tailings Pond Monitoring
  • Tailings Pond Monitoring

    As the management unit of tailing pond, tailing pond enterprises can realize informatization, real-time, networking and graphical management of tailing pond by introducing advanced monitoring equipment and combining with system platforms in the tailing pond online safety monitoring command center. So that the actual dynamics of the tailing pond such as the water level, the height change of the saturation line, the displacement change of the dam body, the video of the tailing pond and dry beach will be timely grasped to provide strong support for the safety monitoring and management decision of the tailing pond, ensuring the safe operation of the tailing pond.





    Surface displacement monitoring

    GNSS high-precision host


    Internal displacement monitoring

    Fixed inclinometer


    Infiltration line monitoring



    Rainfall monitoring

    Rain gauge


    Reservoir water level monitoring

    Ultrasonic water level gauge


    Dry beach monitoring

    Dry beach rangefinder


    Video surveillance

    HD camera

    • Provide 24-hour real-time online monitoring and early warning to ensure uninterrupted monitoring  in harsh environments. Analyze in time when abnormalities are found, and take alarm measures;

    • Regularly analyze and organize observation data, carry out technical identification, summarize operating experience, and provide data for improving operation methods, formulating safety plans, and evaluating project quality;

    • Regularly compile observation data to provide data for the safe operation and management of the tailings pond.

    1.  Online Monitoring System Upgrade Project for Ekou Iron Mine Tailings Pond in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province

    - The first mine in China to use new technology of cascade and stacking construction to build and pile high dams. It is also currently the highest dam in China.


    Ekou Iron Mine is an important raw material base for iron concentrates. It is a comprehensive large-scale mine integrating mining, beneficiation, and burning. It processes 7.5 million tons of raw ore annually. The Niuzhuanggou No.1 tailings pond in it uses the midline method to build dams. The current accumulated elevation is 1596.0m and the dam height is 236.0m, which is currently the highest tailings dam in China. The newly-built tailings storage site of Ekou is planned to use upstream method to build dams to achieve a storage capacity of nearly 100 million cubic meters.


    2. Fankou Lead-Zinc Mine Tailings Pool Online Monitoring System in Guangdong Province

    - Fankou lead-zinc mine is currently the largest lead-zinc mine base in China and even Asia.


    The main monitoring items of the Fankou tailings pond online monitoring system are: 1) monitoring of surface deformation of the dam body; 2) monitoring of internal displacement of the dam body; 3) monitoring of infiltration line; 4) monitoring of water level in the reservoir; 6) Dry beach monitoring; 7) Reservoir area image monitoring. The above monitoring projects are integrated into an organic whole to form a real-time online safety monitoring system for tailings ponds.