The Gross Output Value of China's GNSS And LBS Industry Is 345 Billion Yuan

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Published: 2020-05-25    Source: the Ministry of Natural Resources    Author: Qiao Siwei

On May 18, GNSS and LBS Association of China (GLAC) issued the White Paper on the Development of China's GNSS and LBS Industry 2020 in Beijing. According to the white paper, the gross output value of China's GNSS and LBS industry in 2019 reached 345 billion yuan, an increase of 14.4% over 2018. Among them, the core output value directly related to the research and development and application of satellite navigation technology accounts for 33.8%, and the related output value generated by derivatives keeps a high growth rate of 228.4 billion yuan, which strongly supports the improvement of economic benefits of new industries and new formats.

In 2019, the deployment of the core constellation of beidou-3 global system in China was completed, which has formed distinct Beidou features in wide area enhanced service, global short message service, etc., and achieved partial leading in global navigation satellite system technology in terms of system signal performance, system transmission and ranging performance, etc.

According to the white paper, with the rapid development of Beidou's global system construction and industrial development, China's annual patent applications for satellite navigation continue to grow, with more than 70000 patent applications accumulating, maintaining the first place in the world.

At present, Beidou's application is expanding in depth and breadth, and innovation is deeply integrated into many industrial transformation and upgrading. New industrial forces are generated in the fields of energy and mineral resources, mobile communications, transportation and logistics, and Internet services. Beidou + profoundly changes people's production and life style. According to reports, the number of enterprises and institutions in the field of satellite navigation and location services in China remained at about 14000, with more than 500000 employees. At present, the total number of terminal products using Beidou compatible chips has exceeded 700 million, and Beidou application has entered a new stage of "standard configuration" in many fields. As of the third quarter of 2019, more than 400 mobile phones applied for access to the Internet in China have positioning functions, of which nearly 300 support Beidou Positioning.

Beidou serves one belt, one road of the world, and the "friend circle" continues to expand, and it has more extensive cooperation with the "one belt and one way" country and international organization. In 2019, Beidou national standards and special standards have been released successively, and have gone international. In 2019, domestic Beidou basic products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions. Based on Beidou's land ownership, precision agriculture, smart construction, smart port, etc., they have been successfully applied in ASEAN, South Asia, Eastern Europe, West Asia, Africa and other places. As a unique and advantageous function of the system, Beidou No. 3 short message and other application services are expected to open up new markets. Short messages can complement and improve the communication system of the incomplete communication infrastructure along the “Belt and Road” and developed countries and regions in a fast and low-cost way. It will open more applications for the Beidou system and bring more international markets.


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