The Ministry of Natural Resources Convened the “Third Survey” Video Conference to Update the Survey Work at a Unified Time.

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 Published: 2020-05-22    Source: the Ministry of Natural Resources    Author: Zhu Yu; Sha MaJianfeng

Recently, the Ministry of Natural Resources convened the Third National Land Survey (hereinafter referred to as the “Third Survey”) video conference to update the survey work at a unified time to study the situation, analyze problems, mobilize deployment and ensure that the final data of “Third Survey” are true and accurate. Lu Hao, deputy leader of the State Council’s Third National Land Survey Leading Group, Minister of Natural Resources, and National Natural Resources Inspector; Wang Guanghua, member of the State Council’s Third National Land Survey Leading Group and Director of the Office, and Deputy Minister of Natural Resources; and Chen Chenzhao, Deputy Chief Inspector (Full-time) of National Natural Resources attended the meeting and speak.

The conference emphasized that the “Third Survey” is a major survey of basic national conditions and national strength, of which the real data is related to national credit. It is the basic decision-making foundation to realize major strategic goals of “Two Hundred Years” and directly affects the adjustment and introduction of important natural resource management policies as well. In a responsible attitude towards the Party Central Committee, the country, and the people, it must be clear to understand the extreme importance of ensuring the truthfulness and accuracy of the "Third Survey" data.

The conference pointed out that the current "Third Survey" work must focus on four key issues: The first is the quantity of cultivated land. More attention must be payed to newly-arrived cultivated land after the "Second Survey" and make true and accurate judgments; The second is quality of cultivated land. It must be focused on sloped cultivated land and use cross-line maps and other technical methods to comprehensively cross-check repeatedly; The third is the issue of "non-granitization" and "non-agriculturalization" of cultivated land, which should faithfully reflect the actual cultivation of cultivated land; The fourth is the duplication of survey data on forest land, cultivated land, and grassland. It is required realistic analysis and judgment, and no duplication of land types are allowed.

The conference requested that while the “Third Survey” overcomes the impact of “COVID-19” and runs smoothly, it is necessary to understand the difficulties with no slackness, taking the opportunity of survey update at a uniform time to promote the overall improvement of “Third Survey” quality. It is necessary to calmly analyze various deviations that may exist in the data generation from three aspects of ideological understanding, system and implementation, and technical methods, continuing to correct the deviations, and do our best to ensure the final data is true and accurate. The “Third Survey” unified time survey work update should not only consider the requirements for the unified time update survey data summary, but also seriously consider the correction of deviations in the previous work, resolutely correcting the untrue problems that have been found in the previous investigation at the same time. Take the initiative to push the link that is prone to problems, and try the best to reduce the "Third Survey" data errors. After the end of the unified time update survey, the Ministry will deal with the rediscovered subjective deliberate and fraudulent acts seriously, without ambiguity, dealing with both matters and people.

The conference made five arrangements for doing a good job in unified time update survey of "Third Survey": The first is to seek truth from facts, the overall work schedule of unified time update survey is extended for 3 months; The second is to be cautious as always, to fully investigate the changes on the ground since the initial investigation; The third is to strengthen the analysis to pinpoint the changes in ground flow and its causes; The fourth is to treat it correctly and make every effort to do special inspectors before and after the unified time update survey; The fifth is to strengthen prevention and pay attention to safety production and data information security.

The conference emphasized that inspecting is an important way to ensure the authenticity of the "Third Survey" results. The natural resources inspectorate will carry out two more rounds of inspections on the “Third Survey” work, keeping an eye on the authenticity of the data results, highlighting the problem orientation, and promoting the truthfulness, accuracy, and reliability of the “Third Survey” results. The conference asked the national natural resources inspectorate system to do a good job of "Third Survey" inspection work in a manner that is consistent with thin ice; adhere to the inward edge of the blade and improve the "Third Survey" inspection work; not only to face toughness, but also to work hard on precise inspection.

The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, as well as the municipal and county natural resource authorities with video conditions, “Third Survey” offices and the work units that undertake the tasks of "Third Survey", Military Facilities Construction Bureau of the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission, Relevant departments and units of ministries, Comrades and related staff members of the National Three Transfer Office participated in the conference.

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